Li'l Rickey's Sinister Urges!

Li'l Rickey's Sinister Urges!!!

"Show me a crime, and I can show you a picture that could have caused it."


by Lew-Lee Jones

Yellow teeth, dirty hair
He sanoops around in his underwear,
But he's cute and he's so tricky
He's Lew-Lee's fave, Li'l Rickey

He have been named I tell you all
After the son of Lucille Ball
And her husband Desi Arnaz
Li'l Rickey even wears a fez.

He seen Elvis and seen Priscilla
Needs a shower, smells like a gorilla
Mighty Joe Young or even King Kong
And he's scared of footballs like Eddie Furlong

But he is a jolly big lad
Though his acne is so bad
He have a face make my eyes break
Li'l Rickey look like a big toothache

But Lew-Lee like him, yeah you bet
Rickey as funny as a man can get
Hope he don't hit me w/ his bong
If he don't like the Li'l Rickey rap song.

"I do not avoid women, but I do deny them my essence. Women sense my power, and they seek the life essence."

"I only wanted to amuse, to entertain."

"I'm tired of being dirty, easy & bad."

"Spam? You mean you WANT Spam?"

"Don't tell me you never rode a hot rod, or had a late date in the second balcony."

"One is always considered mad when one says or does something which others cannot comprehend."

"I like sex the way I like on one, with as little dribbling as possible."

"If I listen to too much Wagner, I feel like invading Poland."

"You must think that I'm a cheap floozy. But I'm not --- not really."

"I feel like I'm trapped in some B-movie."